The Prophecy Movies

All four of them. Of course the fourth had nothing to do with the first three, but it was all right.

The first movie has the sexy Christopher Walken in it. I swear just fucking amazing. I have always liked this movie. With the Angels in their feelings because God loves his new toys better. Lol. So fucking hilarious. The fact that they are killing like mad innocent people is a plus. It’s like yeah, Angels are sweet my ass. Hell matter of fact, Michael and Lucifer could get it. It’s like three of the sexiest men in one movie. Ahhhhh.

The second movie was good as well. Did you see the dicking down that Angel Daneayl gave that woman. Well hell, I would have accepted him as well to be fucked like that. Such a great movie.

For Gabriel to start the third movie as a bum. Hilarious. It still was a wonderful movie. I love them all. I like the connection to all the movies by referencing back to the first one. Just classic if you ask me.

The fourth movie was like ehhh. It has that dude that played Candy Man. Really didn’t see the point of that one, but whatever.

My rating: 4

Also here are some questions to ask yourself.

Why are all Angels and Demons depicted with black nail polish?
Why don’t they have eyes, and the cellular workings of assorted fetuses?
Black trench coats. Why?
What’s with the sitting like a bird thing on damn near everything?

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