Hellgate (2011, 1h 33m)

So here are more of my movie reviews. I think I will do a daily movie review. Anyway…

I saw the title and was like why not right? I was not disappointed.

This movie is about a man who loses his wife and son in a car accident in China, I believe. He lapses into a coma for a few weeks possible they really don’t say, and when he awakes he starts seeing dead people. Like they are reaching out and grabbing him. He realizes he is connected to the living and the dead and his on a journey to put his family to sleep while also saving his life and helping a friend.

Good movie. There is no unnecessary blood, gore or violence. Just a man trying to grieve for his list family, and coming to terms with their death. I enjoyed it a lot. Anything that had to deal with spirituality and connecting the other side will always get a high mark for me. If it’s good that is.

Rating: 5

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