Angels and Demons

You already know. I love anything Tom Hanks plays in. He is a very talented actor. Ok, now that that is over with…

I give the Pope’s Assistant props. I mean, dude had a long term goal and he stuck with it. Can’t be made at him for that. Playing on the church’s ignorance, framing people, and then making himself look like a hero!! Bravo! That is how you take over a nation lol. I’m so serious.

He was pretty damn good on tying up his loose ends. Almost.

This goes to show you, how far one person will go to make sure their Religion is the be all, end all. Was he willing to sacrifice his beloved Vatican…naaaa. He counted on the symbologist to get things done. He had a back up plan that’s for sure. But who knows if he would have stopped the explosion.

I can’t really say why I enjoy this movie. Maybe it’s one man’s determination to defend his faith? Maybe it’s one psychos will to push the envelope?  Either way, you can’t deny that he had his shit together and developed his plan early in life. Who else would have gone to those lengths to be Pope? Probably none of them.

Rating: 4

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