The Dunwich Horror

1970’s movies at its finest. No unnecessary gore, violence or sex. I prefer movies in this era anyway. You can at least expect them to get there occult practices right lol.

Either way didn’t the main female lead Sandra Dee, look like Sooki from True Blood reincarnated? I swear it’s her.

For those who have my watched this movie is about a mental disturbed young man who steals the Necronomicon, and befriends this hot virginal blonde chick too integrated her and open the portal for the Old Ones to return. Pretty damn good movie. You see A. C. Being referenced in there, just awesome.

Now that I think about it, only in the seventies could they actually find a lot of virgins. Because now days you just have to go with the female that hasn’t fucked the city. That’s why we don’t do sacrifices any more. To many hoes lol. Anyway check out the movie and enjoy.

Rating: 5

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