So many shows, not enough TV’s

So I have been playing catch up between On Demand and Netflix. It’s like hundreds of shows and I wish I could just watch them non stop, which is what I do lol.

They range from supernatural, to fantasy, to drama and comedy. Of course I love the documentaries. It’s like I am one of those people who will watch a season at a time lmao. I can’t help it, it’s awesome because no commercials.

The first show I watched was Warehouse 13. I loved it and was totally pissed with how it ended, and that there was only three seasons! I was so into it, and yes I watched a season a day. But me, it was enjoyable. Those are the types of programming I enjoyed, not these horrid reality shows.

The next show I caught up on was Sleepy Hollow. And it is wonderful. I love every episode, including of course the Lesser Keys of Solomon lmao. Interesting take on the whole Daemon conjuring aspect. But I love the whole historical take thing. Very interesting. Now if I can only stop missing the actual air time and catch it. But I prefer watching on my time lol.

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