Olympus Down (Spoiler Alert)

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Surprised because I normally stay away from all these action packed movies about terrorists over running the White House. But as it was Veterans Day, and my husband and I are Vets ( Marines and Army respectively) it was like why not. Plus it was On Demand for free so win-win right.

My husband is to over active when he watches across flicks. But this one I had to control him and let him know that they were not going to show correct military procedures and to calm down. It sucks that Presidents Wife died, and that the guard still has nightmares over it. But he did the right thing.

Now I can imagine how high emotions were running when they threw the flag off the White House and it hit the ground. I was actually poised about that. As Jack ass as our government is, it could be a lot worst, and I’m grateful for what we have compared to other countries at times. But that is just wrong.

All in all, being the only SS, week working at the Treasury Department, special forces guy he is, his brutality in killing was just awesome and like wow. But he them Koreans deserved it. With that being said, I wonder how the Koreans felt about blowing up the White House, and killing all the Americans for retribution?

Either way, the son was saved, the terrorists was killed, the US was saved and the and the President saved. Couldn’t have a better movie to watch last night.

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