American Horror Story

This is just an amazing series. I haven’t watched the new episodes until I watched the first season. Thirteen episodes and I am in love with the show.

I knew that mother is now the mother on Witches of East End. Only now she’s a brunette. I was like her she looks familiar. Honestly her nose gave it away.

I know one thing, Tate had some serious issues and no shrink could help that shit out lol.

Violet, I swear, kids that have big issues and then just hope themselves up. I had issues as a kid but I let my parents in on it. And honestly let me talk to my mother like that, and would have been knocked the fuck out with no problems lol.

Constance that bitch was crazy lol. Her kids got the short end of the stick in the parent section. Ask those people and ask that trauma.

Nice house though 🙂

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