Broken Sword- Spoiler Alert

This is an Anime that decide to watch on Crunchy Roll. My husband went on ahead and set up his account, and put my at the queue menu because I need to watch my Bleach and Naruto all over again It has been so long that I am lost.

This one was only six episodes which is why I decided to watch it real quick. They are an hour long episodes and they are pretty good. The first episode started and they were in a war. They have these Golems that they get into, to fight the enemies. What I found funny was the place that was fighting the enemies, the kingdom, was Atlantis to say. If you remember Platos description of Atlantis than you know the kingdom. If you don’t know, well you need to do some digging.

It doesn’t give you a back story, and its in Japanese so you have to read the subtitles, but from what it shows you four friends grew up together. One of the boys and the blonde hair chick marry and become queen and king of “Atlantis” and the blonde hair dude is part of the army to fight them. The other dude is the rebel, and he really doesn’t want to kill his friend. It is a very interesting story, especially for the pilot who operates the silver black golem. Worth your while to watch. I enjoyed it.

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