Occult Academy- Spoiler Alert

So this is a very wonderful cartoon for all you Occultist and those interested in it. This female inherited the Occult Academy that her father built for her. It was to teach the students how to commune with demons, witches, ghosts, vampires and all the like. Designed to go from elementary to college. Talk about knowing your teachers lol.

Basically the story takes place in 1999, and a guy from the future (2012), is sent back to find and destroy Nostradomus Key because on July 21,1999 the key is used to open the gateway to Hell and let aliens in to take over the world. And the symbol that the aliens come from is just like wow, really. You’ll hear references to the black flame, and Tengu monsters and all sorts of demons. It is hilarious and at an hour an episode will keep you busy for a few days if not a couple weeks. If you are like me, in one day lol.

I’m telling you guys, Crunchy Roll has some banging amines and you might as well watch some. It’s better than that reality TV bullshit your watching 😉

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