Frenemies by Ace Reign (Music)


Frenemies is the second EP release for DC lyricist Ace Reign. With this release you get a good 14 tracks with 46 minutes and 28 seconds of some damn good music. And we all know, I really don’t like a lot of music nowadays, so this is some good shit. So let’s get into it shall we.

Now, hopefully you have had the pleasure of hearing her first Mix Tape When it Reigns it Pours. If not I advise you to go ahead and click on that link and see what you been missing. What I can say about Ace Reign is that the amount of growth from When it Reigns…  to Frenemies is just phenomenal. You can tell that as she grew as an artist she solidified her lyrics, her flow is brilliant and her voice brings a kind of unique sound that automatically sets her apart from the rest. She is more than a diamond in the rough.What you have is a female lyricist that can hold her weight with the males, while knocking these other females out the water. It isn’t the same old bullshit that you hear from every rapper, but lyrics that you can actually understand and vibe out to. You can connect with her and her music without compromising on the beats. Again that is rare.

Just to share a few of my favorites on Frenemies:

Motives, 3:29, This song has beats that resonate throughout the body, it gets you feeling cocky, have you feeling like you the shit. It is my favorite song on this EP. The flow is smooth just like the lyrics. Definitely a song you need to be playing as loud as possible.

Take it there, 3:59, This song is the one where you will have it on repeat, have you thinking about that first time, that first love and the feelings that you had, or still have. It’s one of those love songs that isn’t to mushy, it’s romanticized but doesn’t feel like you have to listen to something manly afterward. It is a great balance.

Popping all these bottles, 2:48, This is a club banger that will be easily added to any clubs rotation. It pulls you out your seat, gets you on the floor especially with lines like “pop that pussy she disturbs the peace”.

Closer, 3:33, This song is the epitome of smooth music, another one that gets your body moving. You can hear the playfulness in this track, the flirtatious vibe, while the chorus will have you singing it throughout the day.

Your Crew, 3:12, This song will basically have you ready to hit someone’s ass that be talking shit lol. I do have to admit that it is very catchy with “fuck your crew, each and everyone of dem”.

Trapped in my mind, 3:43, Is a song that will have you reflecting on things in your life, especially with lines like “cut the grass to reveal them snakes”. It makes me want to put it in a few playlists I already have.

Enough, 3:44, Is that breakup song that you can relate to , because we all been a fool once for some dick head, but unlike other breakup songs, this one isn’t whiny like shit. Just expressing your feelings in a way that won’t annoy you.

Don’t feel my pain, 2:53, This song gives off Eminem like vibes with the the way the beats come in and the flow of the track. It has good lyrics, an ominous vibe of greatness, making this song a force to be reckon with.

All said and done, I have 8 tracks that are my favorite, and 6 tracks that I can still listen to all the time. It is rare to have an artist whose entire album you can listen to. Throughout the whole album, the flow of the music, the quality of the vocals, and the chorus makes this second release from Ace Reign a precursor to the rest of her career. Hell, if I can love more than half the tracks on an album, then hell you have a hit with me. Check it  out here…Frenemies.


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