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Satanic 2006

Posted in Book Reviews with tags , , , on 11/13/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Probably one of the most stupid and low budget “Satanic” movies I have ever watch. Like seriously, there was nothing Satanic except for the Goats head in the introduction of the film, and the word Satanic lol.

They used the upside Pentagram, even drawing it in blood on the wall lol. They did have a spirit board that they made and it had all the demonic symbols you would expect on it, but still the Pentagram was up instead of down. I thought they would have at least got their stereotypes correct. Sigh.

Either way the whole story was just bassackwards, and the plot wasn’t even convincing. The fight scene was hilarious though. I have a knife to kill you with, but instead I will throw that to the side and fight you with eight punches lol.

Though the music was awesome though. And the main character had huge tits, so I guess that was a plus. Not much of a looker, but hey lol.

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The Demon Within (2000, 1hr, 35 min)

Posted in Book Reviews with tags , , , , on 07/26/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Of my life that I can not get back.

I mean I love B movies. They are normally the best but sometimes I can only take so much. I’m sure there are people who saw the movie and loved/liked it. I didn’t lol.

The plot was slow, has no idea I was even in San Francisco because everyone was speaking either Italian, French, or Spanish. With some English thrown in their. Just completely unorganized. Then the do called evil spirit, dude really? Not even worth it. I’d rather the spirit be implied than that shit they tried.

It was boring, slow, and the ending would have been better, if they thought the whole thing through. I’m not going to spoil any movie ending but yeah they could have alluded to it better.

In my book, and I like some very dumb and retarded movies, this gets a 1. Just awful.

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