So today I am foregoing using my phone. It is turned off and I’m living in the now. Granted I’m blogging, but today was a normal day.

I got up, showered and headed to the store with my husband. We caught the bus there and walked. On the way is my new favorite bookstore. The Last Word Bookshop on 40th St in Philly. They have literally hundreds of used and rare books. Every time I go in I come out with like five to six books. The prices are so reasonable. But I will gush about them in a later category. After like an hour and a couple of purchases we left. Walked the ten blocks home and just enjoyed the scenery. The cool breeze. The sun warning my skin. It was a glorious day to do some energy feeding as well.

I miss those days. I will have more of them, help practice my photography and to share my work.

Every one should unplug. Get some sun and enjoy the breeze.

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