About Me

High Priestess Keona Kai’Nathera

Welcome to my corner of the Universe.

I’m an Occultist. If you must label me, then go for a Khemetic Satanic Daemonaltress. I have been practicing for 30+ years. I pull from a lot of different systems so I am eclectic in my ways. I do a lot on Social Media…well now I do. I fell off but hopefully, I can keep up the moment to share more of what I do. Look forward to videos addressing all that I do, posts from Festival retreats, book reviews and other writings that are found on my social media sites, right to the left where you can click on them.

My Connections

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My experimentations and journey through the different avenues of magick, energy healing, and other spiritual practices, rituals, and beliefs. My opinions are subject to change.

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