Trance Work

At times I’m very good at going into a trance. Especially for automatic writings, drawings and things of that nature. Or when I’m doing a reading. But I have the damnest time just getting my anchor. I used a method by  JOS that isn’t that difficult. I managed the clearing my mind part. It was just everything else was ugh. Lol

I can’t expect to be good at everything. But I do know what I need to improve upon. I will give their method another go. If all else fails I’ll do my own. I mean following the crowd isn’t actually my thing. My boyfriend (yes boyfriend, I’ll explain that party of my life later) always gets on me for not doing everything by the book the way other people tell you. It works for him. But following directions haven’t been my strong suit. I have no problem going through someone’s methods. If it doesn’t fit, I’m not going to make it fit just because they told me to. Fuck that. Now rituals, and gateway openings are a different thing. I follow those to the T, when it’s with a deity that I haven’t worked with before or not a lot.

By and by, the methods I use, or just natural ability, to get into my taxes work entirely week for me. I may just for go their whole damn trance method and stick with my own. That’s better than having a BOS full of other people’s work.

There aren’t many of their exercises that I do verbatim, but the few that I do use are really useful.

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