Candle Magic at its Best

So remember the other day I was talking about my candles for negativity, well though in fine to my last gray candle it’s burning at a nice even rate.

When I discarded the other two candles they were extremely cloudy. A lot of nastiness that they collected and transformed back to positive energy for the universe.

I have other candles that I’m going to play around with their color combinations. I like to use all my sick before going out and getting more. Besides the place that I used to buy candles from are dicks.

Harry’s Occult Shop on 12th and South I believe are pussies. I was there doing fir candles with my my then girlfriend and their candle selection was looking pretty bare. It was the second time in a month. So I wanted to buy what they had. Not all the candles but some. 28 to be exact, and the issue cashier told me he has to see if he can seek them to me because they don’t have a lot in stock.

Why is that my problem? They need to check who ever dies the ordering and get on their as e as well as who they receive their shipment from. They had no black candles saying they don’t condone every. Yet these bitches place marks in their candles and other despicable shit (this I know because my exes daughter worked there before she quit). They were an occult do. No they have more jesus figurines and Michael candles than the damn Vatican. They are not an occult shop. The only thing they don’t mark are their candles.

Either way that went way south lol.

What I use and try to keep stocked up or chime candles. They are small and easy to take and use any where. Especially if your a traveler. Candle Magic is the easiest way to send your will out. To do meditations, a quick incantation or spell.

A quick dressing of the candles in oils, herbs, energy, or blood will get what you need done until you have more time. Never under estimate the advantage of candles.

Order then our make your own. It’s all good.

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