Patala and Earth Star are Complete

Man it has been a while since my last update on my chakra healing. Almost two months I believe. Well I can tell you one thing, working with Satan, Red Energy, and getting out all the anger, murder, malice and torture was pure hell.

But it was totally worth it. I am extremely hardheaded and unfortunately I had to learn the hard way lol. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have my notebook where I right down all my anger, I have used up all my candles…well the large ones for my negativity absorption. Remember that? Yeah well I’m completely out lol. It was worth it.

I have my anger notebook. Whenever I feel a fit of rage, or a wanting to do something wicked I write it out. And of course, I always love the old fashion method. Hands on ass whooping, or screaming. Either way I have a normal amount of anger. Which makes no sense to anyone. Would I want to be full of love? Yes I would. But it’s not normal lol. At least not to me. I have no problem going through my emotions in a healthy way.

Now that the first part of chakra point one is completed, its time for the second part of the Muldahara. This is my working with Belial and more red energy. So I am super excited and nervous about how this is going to turn out.

This point is the Ratala, the ankles, the seat of selfishness. So this is going to be good. Of course I will do my normal writings and researching, planning and what not. And just like the Patala and Earth Star it will take on a life of its own.

For me that is the best way to heal oneself.

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