What can we say to people who ask what is Satanist. Is it a religion, a philosophy, a way of life. It is all 3 in my opinion. Satanism is the way of living with:

common sense
using your spirituality to achieve higher goals
communicating with beings for aid in your rise
respect, understanding and tolerance, (to a point)
the will and know how to be a God/dess

I would say in my experience I have used/am using these points to be a better Satanist. My common sense tells me that there are differences in the world. Race, ethnicity, religion, political, social economic, scientifically. We can blend with everyone and no one. It entails us to be more open-minded and realize that we are hated and misunderstood. It is not our ego (though it can be at times) that turns people off. It is our ability to recognize bullshit as it is, and to think for ourselves, it is our freedom, that pisses them off. We have the ability to think and learn and evaluate ourselves on a higher standard than most.

Satanism, the worship of Satan is a philosophical Religion. It gives you the power to educate yourself, to look into life’s mysteries and open your mind. We have the capabilities to look into damn near every religion and add that Satanic flavor. Now don’t get me wrong, you do not have to be a Satanist to look and take from other religions and philosophies, and used it for your own purposes. For your own spiritual and psychological advancement. But what you do have is a Satanic way of looking at life.

We have a code we live by-Common sense. It’s quite easy really. Take care of your family, friends, and love ones. Atone for your wrong doings, lean from them, but do not blame the bogey man for your own failings. We contribute to society. We pay taxes, whether we like it or not, we vote, we help the environment, and we try to advance those into a better state of mind. Yet our ability to elevate ourselves above the ignorance is beautiful. Those who can’t are envious, and that turns into hate.

Yet some try to say we can live together with our differences. I however believe that is a crock of shit. Christianity is the bain of our existence. They are the only religion that will try its hardest to decimate other religions, turn the Gods of olds into demons of the new. To make their pathetic Gods into saviors. They go to other countries spreading their hate, and yet we are the bad ones. Trying to put the fear of god into a person. Satan doesn’t do that. Why should you fear your god? Satan accepted me for all the faults that I have, he understands that I will learn what I need to learn to better myself.

What can we do against a religion that is hell-bent on wiping out millions of people? Band together and get over these petty ass differences. Who gives a fuck whose Church/Temple/Building is better. Whose Satanic Philosophy is better? We can at least work together to crush the Abrahamic scum and then go back to bickering. Why the hell can everyone get along but us?

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