Ascending is Exhausting

The reason why I say that is because it leaves me tired and thirsty lol. Amazing right. Sometimes it is planned, other times it’s not.

The reason why I’m up at this hour, is because I had an ascension that even though it left me well rested and awake, I’m still tired but functional. If that makes sense to you all.

Normally my ascending moments are during the day time, but mostly at night. I’m either in a trans state for a couple of hours or I’m zoned out with my eyes open. The latter my husband just normally walks away from me, but always checks on me because I do weird things when I’m “in the zone”.

Tonight I was in a trans, not quite sleep yet sleep, for five hours. (I know the difference between me transing out, lucid dreaming, on the astral plane and ascending. I mean if you couldn’t tell then that would be a problem). Now that’s pretty unusual for me as they have never lasted longer than two. And I recall everything from them. I mean if I didn’t, then wow right?

This ascension was completely different as the two Divine that showed up, were not who I was expecting nor wanted to deal with. As I was walking to my Astral Temple, I was accompanied by my three Guardians which is unusual as only one will be there, and he’s normally unseen. So I was aware but not really. As I won’t go into detail (as it is personal for my path) let’s just say it went from sugar to shit in a few seconds. My guardians were NOT happy with the two Divine that showed up. And you really don’t want to be near five Divinities that don’t like each other.

Long story short, things were said, promises made, and things have begun. Though my Guardians seem clearly worried, which frightens my ass why are THEY worried, I also trust them to lead me to where I need to be.

It is some more research on my side and a lot of planning. But I know they are next to me and around me until this task is complete. When will this new working begin? I’m not sure but I know there is no room for it this year. I’m pretty booked.

It seems I am having more ascensions than normal. As that may seem cool I just never know how they will go. Last time I ascended I was in a meeting with 13 Kemetic Divinities. It’s like going all day doing everything your supposed to do and then, your parents call you by your first and middle name to come see them. You automatically run through the day to see what you possibly could have done wrong, but can’t find anything. Then the walk to their room seems extra long. It’s a 50/50 chance that your fine. Lol and that’s all your worried about.

Nine times out of ten I have nothing to worry about. Even though this one was…umm…out of the ordinary, it was not a lecture. Just had to be done this way.

Something tells me, or someone, that I have a few more nights of ascending to do. Which means I need to hydrate and eat. Because if this had me out for five hours, I shudder to imagine the time the others will have me.

All I know for sure is…I think I’m going to need a lot more notebooks. Time to go shopping!!!!

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