Tarot Challenge Day 13

What can I do to strengthen my connection with my guides?

I decided to pull 2 for this on this question . It is the 3 of Wands, Virtue and Prince of Swords.

I have that connection with my guides, that spark of divine intervention, being very connected to them already. I am doing a ritual tonight to them that will last around 15 days, so this is fitting to pull right now. I am quick to fire up, and can cut deep when it comes to how I connect with them, or if I can connect with them better. What I need is that spark to keep kicking me towards all that my Guides throw at me. They have given me one hell of a load, and they have removed what I thought where blessings from my life, and place them with what is needed. When things happen it is because they know and can see better than I can and they let me make mistakes. The connection we have is very close and it can only get stronger. 

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