Tarot Challenge Day 22

How is my growth in tarot?
My dogs were playing and they chose this card for me hours ago. I think it’s fitting.
X of Fortune. I am loving how I am interpreting my cards. I always go with the first feeling, if I need clarification I pull extra cards. Or if I feel like I need a greater explanation I’ll pull 3 or more. I am going to enjoy working with other decks as intimately I did with my Necro deck, and my feelings are syncing to this deck perfectly. I even thinking of getting back to reading for others. Working g greatly on that. They either take the readings as they are ir go some where. I’m not giving people what they want, they will just have to accept what it is. No skin off my back lol. Just as long as Gremory guides me and walks with me I am forever confident and building day to day. 

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