Tarot Challenge Day 26

What can I learn from my past? 
7 of Disks, Failure.
Man was I familiar with that. From school, to relationships, to spiritual workings and my own way of feeling about myself. It was very intimate with me. Failure was something that I let run my life for up to 8 yeats, maybe a little more. And I made myself take on the burden of shit that I know for a fact was not my fault. Sure I had a part in it, but I let others energy, and their views of me make me miserable. I let myself be used and abused while being to afraid to actually speak up. But fuck that. Those days are over and I really am coming into my own a whole of a lot better than  I normally would have back then. Now it’s fuck everyone who ain’t feeding, fucking, or funding me. And at this point is only one person.  And his opinion and live is the only thing that matters to me.


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