Workings and Wakings: Is there a difference?

Over the past few years I have just personally noticed that people say that they don’t do path workings or walkings , and that they always just work with their Deity of choice. And it got me thinking, what is the real difference? Is there a difference? Or is this just word wording that we use just for the fuck of it?

So this is what Working with a Deity and Walking with a Deity means to me. *MY OPINION SO DON’T GET YOUR DAMN PANTIES IN A BUNCH*

Working with a Deity is what I do on a daily basis with the House of Baal. It is what I do when I connect with my Patron and Matron, when I work with other Deity’s and during rituals/rites. It is what I do when I meditate to them, when I celebrate them.

When I walk with them, I get a deeper connection to them,  with them, and definitely for them. I have spent a month walking with Hecate, going through shadow working with her, and really learning myself. I have done walkings with the House of Baal for 30 days in learning more and more about the Elder Daemons and how I can connect to them and how we work together. I have spent 4 years, soon to be 5, walking with the Goetia Demons. Every time I walk with them, I learn something new, I am exposed to new methods, I have a break through, or I am broken down for better understanding. I will be doing a 2 month Walking with my Mother, Lilith later on this year as well.

I feel both are very important when you are on a spiritual path and when you worship to, work with, pay homage to, or whatever you want to call it that you do in interacting with your Pantheon; walking with them will give you a greater insight into the relationship that you share with them. Without it I feel that you are missing a key component that can help improve your workings as an individual and a group if you do majority of your workings with your coven or group of people or friends.

Doing both, or one or the other, is good. I just suggest if you haven’t done a long working with one Deity that maybe you try it out and see how you like it. If you don’t care for it, no harm no fowl. Just continue what you are doing.

It never hurts to try new things.


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