#domagick Let’s Drown Together

WATER! My Element. My love. My soothing part of my life. My calming waters. Me throughout.

I am working with my element, the last week. I am a Scorpio, ruling Water and under the influence of Mars and Pluto. What keeps my Fire in check and keeps me balance…sort of lol.

This week I am removing the murkiness of my water and flushing it with fresh clean water. Leviathan my Patron and Lilith my Mother will be replenishing me this week. Why Lilith for water? She is the Daemoness of Sexual activity, which is very fluid in itself. She controls and is everything reproductive related, and since she is sex, the orgasms are nothing but sticky sweetness of her in liquid form. So that is why.

I will be working with the Moon and Neptune for my planetary workings this week and of course working with the next suit which is Wands in my Thoth deck.

Let see how wet this working gets.

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