My New Piece of Jewelry

So I have this ritual I am doing for couple at our Beltane Festival. It’s called The Alchemical Marriage of Spiritual Lovers. I know, fancy right 😏 So of course I had to get my head piece made. And it was done by my cousin Quashanta TheAlchemist. Ypu can find her at She makes these gorgeous copper jewelry.

This is my head piece. I have been charging it outside under the sun. It has a nice bit of weight to it but sits perfectly on my head. Since I’ll be wearing my contacts I won’t have to fight with the crystal. I will be coloring my hair before the festival and my outfit is already picked out. So these are the horns of Lilith that I am wearing for the Marriage and I couldn’t be any happier with the process. It came out beautifully, even better than I could have imagine.

Stay in the lookout for more posts especially pictures from the festival. Hope everyone has a blessed Beltane this year.

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