Festival was Amazing

I enjoyed everything about the Festival this year. We always have good classes, learning more techniques of spiritual workings. For example, we learned a new and quicker way to do a quick elemental cleansing on the go, or as a refresher when you feeling a little off. We learned about sacred sexuality a little bit more, on how to be more intuned with your body. Of course we had workshops that covered Unity, Spellcrafting, and basic Witchery. I mean sometimes we get to big that we forget the little things, like a chakra balancing everyday or cleansing. We work hard, and outside is just full of gunk.

We have so much negativity and hate in the world, with these wars, and attacks on women and men as a natural part of the world. We have people fighting over resources, treating people like they are garbage over materialistic things, and we are all just drowning. So we may forget to really ground or bring our mind back. It happens, and if people say they don’t they are full of shit. We are not in this world alone, and we weren’t born alone. I hate that fucking saying. We don’t walk alone, unless we choose to. We are always with someone, and that person or group of people may be toxic so we have to cleanse ourselves.

Being able to get away from it, that is a right that not many people can do. So I am always grateful when I can get away, or even help someone make it. We have to take the good times when we can, and try to create more as we navigate this weird as world.

The rituals were fucking amazing, and the energy that we raised was even more amazing. To be able to feel all the things in the world, good and bad and neutral.

If you can get away to a pagan festival at anytime in your life, I would recommend you take the time and find it. It will be a really good experience, and who knows the people you will be interacting with.

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