Bliss (an erotic story)

I am in my pink and black bra and panty set with matching thigh highs and garter belt. I am kneeling in front of you with my head held down. I tell you how I want to you to control me, and how I will submit to everything you decide to do with me. I give you the gift of my submission, my slavery. You are the one I have been waiting for. I want to be your pet, a pretty pet, and delectable slave. My collar is in my hand, and with my head still bent I present it to you. It’s time for me to be collared. To have you hold that chain and extend to me your wants and desires.

When I was allowed to look up, you were in front of me nude. You grabbed my hair and rammed your dick down my throat. Even though I was struggling for air you didn’t stop. Instead you sped up, face fucking me and moving deeper down my throat. After you was satisfied with the performance you lifted me by my hair and pushed me on to the bed. On all fours you pulled my panties down, but left everything else on. You let the chain fall from your hand as you grabbed my hips and proceeded to enter me. I could feel my pussy expand and grip you as you entered me. You were only half way in when I started trembling. Giving a short laugh you started stroking me, hitting my G spot. I couldn’t hold back my moans. You just felt so good. You started going deeper and deeper into me, with me letting out a squeak of surprise. My legs where trembling and I was cumming from you being completely in me. You wrap the chain around your hand and pull on it, with every stroke you give me.

You push my head into the bed as you fuck me deep and rhythmically. I am lost in the moment as I feel your thumb play with my ass. I felt it go in me and I couldn’t hold back and creamed all over your dick. You laughed than place two fingers in my ass, priming me for what you really wanted. You used my pussy juices to lube my ass. When you were satisfied that I was open enough you pulled out and entered my ass.

Your head went in fine with no problems, but there was resistance with the shaft. You pushed in anyway. Slowly coming out and going deeper with each stroke. I let out a cry of pain, but it felt so good. You proceeded to continue stroking going deeper each time. By now my body is hot, legs are shaking. I’m in a world of ecstasy. With one hand on my chain, and one on my hips, you ram your entire dick in my ass. I scream out and you just keep stroking. I cum over and over again, my juices running down my thighs, making a puddle beneath me on the bed.I feel every inch of you deep in my ass, muscles contracting around your dick, wanting you to fuck me till you’re satisfied.

After what seems like hours of you fucking my ass, you are about to cum. You pull out, grab my head and shove your dick down my throat. Your cum hits the back of my throat and slides down. You pull out with your dick still hard. You push me back to the bed, and push into my pussy. You pin one of my legs back to drive deeper into my pussy, going balls deep. Another hour passes and you are once again cumming. This time you pin both legs back, grab my hands and stick your tongue down my throat. Your orgasm is building up. With a few more thrusts, a very powerful orgasm erupts from you, filling me up. I can feel your dick shooting your cum deep inside me. The power and feeling is almost unremarkable, as I feel myself drift from consciousness under the control of the one thing that makes my life complete.

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