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Very Blessed

Posted in Important Posts on 01/21/2023 by Keona-Mlh

Today my author copy of The Spider Goddess arrived. I am wholly excited, and very proud of myself. After joining the Temple of Ascending Flames years ago i have been blessed to be with an organization in which i can contribute my personal workings. I have contributed to these 4 anthologies, starting with Lilith Dark Feminine Archetype.

I have took the time to step outside my comfort zone and share my workings with the public. And I am still doing so, and will continue until my full project is ready.

You can find me under Keona Kai’Nathera in each of these publications.

Time of Reprieve

Posted in Important Posts, Rituals and Workings with tags on 12/07/2022 by Keona-Mlh

I have 4 days left on this contract. I have made around 5 types of teas, and 4 medication candles plus 5 boxes. I’m exhausted but I have a lot more to do.

So I have some spiritual planners that will be very useful in my workings as well I’ll be home for at least a year so I will have access to all my material. What I’m thing to do when I get home is to make an are where I can store all my medication candles and books and a new altar area. I have seen some beautiful altar furniture on etsy and I’m looking first to snagging a few pieces

Once I’m unpacked I’ll share the pictures of how I’m using the candles I bought. They won’t ever be burned they are strictly for meditational purposes only. I’m excited. I’m also working on new batches of teas and where they can be purchased will be listed.

See y’all in a few.

So much going on

Posted in Important Posts on 08/24/2022 by Keona-Mlh

… but never enough time to get it down 😆 So far I have launched my Patreon, and started making teas for my website. My mother will be running the tea site once it items on October 1 this year, so we are excited about that.

This month was Agares, and honestly I haven’t done much of anything with him that I wanted to do, but this weekend I’m working on his offering candle. And his teas and boxes.

Ask week be starting up and I have some books that i have purchased, and I think of making a new post about boxes that I think people should have. It’s so many occultist, that have wonderful books and we need new blood.

Patreon is Live

Posted in Important Posts on 08/01/2022 by Keona-Mlh

So I finally launched my Patreon and I’m really excited. I have 5 tiers to choose from, they are not overlapping so you just choose one tier. Here are the tiers.

The first one is a welcome with nothing attached to it, nothing given. Just an appreciation tier.

The second tier is for loose tea and meditations 🧘‍♀️

The third is for loose incense.

The fourth is both tea and incense.

The fifth is for my Daemon Boxes.

I have limited spots just to make sure I can devote my time to making the items. Hope you enjoy if you sign up. 😊

What’s Coming Up

Posted in Important Posts with tags , , on 05/20/2022 by Keona-Mlh

A few things are coming up. In August, I will be launching my Pateron which will be connected to my Goetia working. What this means is that when I start working with a Daemon for that month, certain items that I create under that Daemons influence will be created and available for purchase. I have a few tiers with prices ranging monthly from $3 for basic support up to $80 for Daemon boxes. I also have a point system so that at the end of the year, you add up all the points and you will be able to receive any item that I had created. It will be listed at the end of the year with links and everything else. Since the Pateron will be launching the month after the working begins, you will be receiving the Daemon items from the previous month.

Secondly my eCommerce store will be opened in July. This store will house different items then Pateron. This Pateron is specific to this work and will be up for the duration of the working. So roughly 5-6 years. The online shop will house all my other workings.

I will have links to both sites for you and will be working on content. Since this is going to be more of a rigid form I have to make sure I spend this month and next month setting up content, packing my items, and scheduling posts. So that means Goetia workings will be on Pateron only.

Don’t worry, with all that I have scheduled with this working there is no shortness of workings to share with everyone.

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