Chakra Healing

So for the past year I have been working on this chakra healing of mine. Well after tons of research, time that passed me by, I am actually starting it. I am glad I did wait because I had some new items to set in, some Gods to work with and figuring how to put it all together so it wasn’t overwhelming.

So far I have the major seven zones and within each zone are around 6-9 other mini zones So I am doing intense research to heal me from the inside out. I am even using my science books and a new anatomy book I picked up at my favorite bookstore.

I keep detailed journals, I have tons of note pads, papers everywhere, sketches and drawings and everything else. I have specific color pens I write with and for which book, I also have a section in my dream journal for this particular time working. I am getting deep down and heavy with it, making sure I do the best to be one with the Maker 🙂

I am back with my creative writing and may dabble in some painting for the darker aspects in which words just don’t seem to describe it. I must say this working is bringing out shit I thought I had a handle over, and could control. But releasing it is just as good as long as I don’t end up in jail, or running from the cops I am good lol.

I will update milestones but I won’t reveal anything else. I am actually going to save it for something special.

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