So I am trying to head back to college this year. Hopefully it works. I am what tippy call a life long student. Trying to get every degree, certification, and licensing that I have an interest in.

So my progress started in 2004. I had been out the military for a little over a year, and was working at Sally Beauty in MD. As the assistant manager I pretty much was in everyone’s head, literally. I would see these ghetto ass hair dressers come in, and I was like I can definitely do what they do. So I entered hair school and got a shock. Chemistry. Electricity and light therapy. A little bit of anatomy. Holy sit. How the he’ll those hoods pass it. It don’t take much to pass the test. We had one guy apply teacher to a female scalp thinking it was grease and say her under the dryer. She had beautiful long hair, and was pregnant and his ass passed the test. Mostly because he created but hey it goes to show not all hair professionals are professionals. He also gives up a practice wax being fast and ripped off another students entire eye brow! Plus he fucked a woman’s hair cut up and he ran to the back because she was going to kill him lol. Good times. Good times.  So with all the things I learned including massage and nails and feet I received my license in 2005. Been license every since, even have my Philly license.

Fast forward a few months and I enrolled at CCCC in Jacksonville, NC. If you know the area you know the college. My dumb ass though hey, since you want to open your own salon and spa and store some day get your business degree. What the hell was I thinking. I hated those classes. Well only my micro and macro economics class. My business classes were cool because my teacher was funny as hell. He also taught our accounting classes as well. That’s right my dumb ass majored in business administration with a minor in financial accounting! Like why lol. I lasted a year and a half before I moved. Did I mention I was a military spouse during that time?

Fast forward to 2007 and I didn’t get enough and picked up my classes at AIU online while I was working in San Diego. Yup like maybe a year later a said fuck that lol. I really hate business classes. I am thankful for them, and I have all my books still especially my marketing books. But business, a business degree is not necessary at all. Besides science is my first love and I want happy in my classes.

Fast forward again (time traveling is a bitch huh lol) and in 2010 I had a major break and was forced to change professions. But it was a good thing. I entered Fortis College in New Carrollton, MD for the Biotechnician program. Ten months later I was certified and had an externship at the USDA. Worked there fir almost two years. But government cut backs ruined that job lol. Applied microbiology, biomanufactoring, food production, cell culturing, DNA, RNA, protein, a little cloning (not literary but theory).

Now 2011 I had to fall back on my business classes because those credits weren’t good any where but to a school in Baltimore, and I want driving two hour s round trip fir two classes a day. So I did organizational management and Logistic Management at Ashford University Online. Yup didn’t learn lol. Either way January this year I dropped that shit, because they fucked me on my military grant. But I’m determined to start over.

So be looking for updates.

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