Designing your own major?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I have read journal reports, articles and blogs. There are two positions. Parents and employers and students and colleges.

The former. Parents and employers. Parents seem to always tell their children what to do. Where to go. And how they are supposed to go to college to earn a living with a good major and job. But how many people you know who have a graduate degree and/or bachelor’s degree and work as janitors, cashier, or in jobs in which they literally spent thousands of dollars to make minimum wage. Why do parents force their young children to conform. What is an acceptable major? Who is to decide what is appropriate? With employers they just look for the highest college gpa, and the name of the college. They rarely care about any skills. I’ve seen it, I’ve been on the end of it and it’s just disgusting. Making kids take a proper major so they can confirm is just as bad as telling them that a college education is the only way to make a living. We have a good amount of people who either failed college, or never went who make an insane amount of money.

Students and colleges are the ones who should decide. A student should major in a program that makes them happy. I can’t tell you how many dumb ass chicks I’ve came across that has a degree in chemistry and I ah then what they plan to do with it and they don’t know. Their parents told them it was a good major and I’m like idiots. The guys pretty much have a better clue. If you like to swim and animals, become an underwater vet. I’m pretty sure you will find a job. He’ll if you can dream it, you can make money from it. If you love did and science he’ll maybe you want to create edible cup cake holders. Shit if there can be a market go for it. Your advisor well definitely tell you if it’s realistic or not and work with you. Sometimes colleges have to many majors to choose from and not everyone can have a triple major, double minor and a concentration lol. By designing your own major and working within your college system you can graduate with your own or a major shift in which you can satisfy their retirement tpd while getting your personalized education.

The reason I’m even discussing this is because for so long I just can not find a college that can meet my educational goal. I’m tired of being interested in a college and find out it doesn’t offer biochemistry, or German. Our it only offers biology. I mean really?!

So I chose to look at colleges in which I can design my own or work with what they have and add in what I need for my vision. Face it college is damn near two hundred thousand dollars. Depending on where you go, what you need for all for our five years. Time spent and misc. So if your going to drop damn near a house in loans make it count. Go to ask to further your own dreams. Not employers out your parents.

You just might be the CFO/CEO of a field that you design in which others have like minds.

Imagine anything and it will be reality.

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