My heading has been going weird I can say. A good kind of weird. I started off with in my journal everyday, and keeping records every day. Then it went to two days and then further apart. But I have noticed that my anger has went down increasingly. I can transfer my hate into positive thinking and work better with my emotions. Which is what I was doing with my Patala and Earth Star.

I tried to plan everything to the T, what I would need and everything. But it just doesn’t work like that…for me at least. I thrive on the spur of the moment in my practice. It serves me well.

I like how my healing is working. It should be time to move on to my next chakra point and deity. I do still actively work with red. Whether I’m wearing it, surrounding myself in it, reading red foods; it’s always around me. And surprisingly my anger has dissipated to a very controllable level.

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