Making your money stretch

Now like most Americans I love my food and the names attached to it. But over time I realized that name brand just doesn’t do it for me. Week some things I have to have name brand because of the taste.

So today I went back to shopping at Aldi’s. Good food, low prices, good quality. So I spent $119 there and got a fridge full of good, compared to Fresh Grocer where I would have spent over $200. I know the process and if I can purchase good quality eggs fit $1.68 and not $2.39 then I’m going for it. Aldi’s focus on the customers pocket, and not the products pocket.

Now Aldi’s is not your typical grocery store. If your looking for the pretty set up, with everything in a specific order and area, you need to do somewhere else. Aldi’s gets down to business. I got some good organic food, not a lot but enough, some meats, fresh sweet fruit, almond milk, regular milk for my husband, and staples. It’s a good place to shop, and a good place to save money while still feeding your family good. I try to limit processed foods in my home. And I can still choose wisely at Aldi’s. You just have to pay attention tip what your getting.

Oh and I got my popsicles. Lol. Hey it’s summer, I need my popsicles!

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