Another do nothing day…awesome:)

So I had to get up uber early this morning and go upstairs because these idiots are like building an apartment upstairs. So I go up there at 7:5 this morning and the guys are like is this your apartment. I’m like no I live downstairs an how long are you going to be banging. He said that after a month they are finally finished and the new tenants will be moving in.

Just great more banging, and shit with new people moving in. I swear I wish I lived on the 5th floor 🙂

Either way it got my ass up. Husband is at training and I am left to my devices. Mwahahahahaha!!!!

So what do I do? I turn on Netflick, hit the kids section and watch Avalon High. Had a good laugh and then put on Zeitgeist. Always a good movie. I think today will be my documentary day. Have to throw in some jacked up “satanic” movies, and I so use that term loosely.

I figure today I should also do my studies and get ready for my trip next week.

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