Mass Effect 3

I can just bite someone’s tongue off lol.

I had t restart the game on a flux bug, only to realize that I ended up going to the wrong terminal for the Citadel Hanar Mission. Even though I did activate the track in the Spectre office. Go fig. Anyway I am on my way and may take a couple of days downtime before I do the Grissom Academy, Omega, and the Summit missions. Those things are freaking long.

I have o admit to spending a few days just gaming. I have let myself become fully immersed again and I love it.

I got every DLC because hey I brought the trilogy and I want to get the most out of my gaming experience. Bite me lol.

I think after I finally am done with the trilogy, I will move on to the 3 Bioshock games. I started them but I just couldn’t pay like five games at once. I only have one TV 🙂

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