Good old relaxation

The place that I now find relaxing is my parents home.

I’m here looking at colleges and spending time with my parents. Having not seen them in a few months and I’m really close to them, it was a fun time.

When I came home the dogs and my cat greeted me. They jumped all over me-Bella the German Shepard, Maxwell the Lab/Sharpe mix, and Gotti the stratshire pit-and my cat Sophi a Calico,  just licked herself and came over when she felt like it. You know cats. So after the attack lol, I was covered in fur and needed a shower.

Twenty minutes later I smelled some shrimp and crabs and was like yes, moms cooking lol. Who doesn’t love their mothers cooking. Every time I come home I revert to 12 and forget how to cook lol.

It’s been four days now and I have gotten the best sleep I have had in some weeks. Minus Bella licking my forehead this morning, it’s been pretty dry lol. This Saturday is moving to fast. My dad is home for the weekend, it’s hotter than the sun and hell outside and my mother and I are watching the food network drooling. She’s making me some almond cookie cupcakes that I am taking back to Philly with me. They may not make it. I know earlier this week she made snicker doodle cupcakes and they were freaking awesome!!!! I love ma’s home cooking.

Also my mother was experimenting with some new hair products and guess who was the guinea pig? Yup me. So she put this oil she made in my hair, a leave in conditioner, and this curl pudding. Needless to say it worked and gave my curls a little more definition. It figures I have all these products at the house and trying new ideas, and my Mom beats me to it lol. But I get a care package going back home and something sent to my home. I’m extremely spoiled. Not as spoiled as I want to be, but damn it close enough.

But the best time was beauty day. We did each other’s hair, nails, toes and I’m working on her makeup today. Figure I give her a smoky eye and try some looks on myself.

Tomorrow is the day I go home and it sucks. I can just literally spend my life back with my parents. Just for the fact they are getting older, and I worry about them. I think my next trip will be a week with my mother in law. Pray for me lol.

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