Seems like an allergy.
Is it that hard to be honest.
Don’t say we can’t be friends because my spirit guide says its friends or your spirituality.
When in reality you just want to fuck my man and he probably made it happen, since he protected you.

Don’t say I accidentally cheated.
You can’t accidentally fall out your clothes, on to a bed, and in some pussy.
Don’t say I didn’t want to hurt you.
When you moved in with another woman and tried to hide it.

Don’t say I moved out and I’m homeless so I can’t talk.
Be a man and say you just wanted what I could give and then move on.
Don’t say I love you.
Then disappear after a year.

Don’t say I’m going to do better.
When your looking for the next person to fuck.
Don’t say I know I’m fucking up but I’ll be better.
When your really a ratchet ass nigga, who doesn’t deserve me.

Don’t blame me for your dick ways.
You was a dog when you met me.
You hid it well.
But you perfected your ways while you was with me.

You don’t deserve me.
You don’t deserve any female that is willingly to be there for you.
You only deserve the bitch who stabbed you.
The bitch who kicked you out.

The bitch who tried to put your business out there.
The bitch who tried to trap you.
The bitch whose family steals from you.
The bitch who thinks having a nigga beat her ass is true love.

You deserve ratchetness.
You deserve hurt.
You deserve problems
You don’t deserve my loyalty any more.

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