Would you like to share a cup with me?

Make sure it’s warm. Make sure it’s thick. I like mine scalding. Burn my tongue and slide down my throat. It’s salty in some cases. Mmmmm. It’s sweet in others. Mmmm. It’s addicting all the time.

What in the Universe, is our obsession with that sweet elixir of life. The feel of it, running over your body. Dripping, tantalizing from your lips, fingertips and toes. It’s sticky, smooth to the touch.

The very sight gives people a head rush. Can you hear it? The rhythm it makes, the move it creates, the hypnotic wave. I see it move. I watch it rise, I rise to meet it, shy away from it and absorb when I’m not ready.

The force of it come out. Spewing, squirting, gushing. It slows down to a pulse. Watching it slow down, and covering my tongue.

Shall I feed you? Carry it in my mouth, and let it drop into your mouth down your throat? Sealing the deal with a kiss from below, above, and side to side. Mmmmm.

Or would you rather me write me name, in blood, with yours?

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One Response to “Would you like to share a cup with me?”

  1. Sensual and rich, laced with some dark foreboding and tantalizing danger. I don’t think I would resist the cup if it were offered to me. 😉

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