Native American Birth Totem Animal

October 23-November 21

Moon: Cold Winds Moon
Season: the frosting time
Wind: west winds
Direction: west
Element: water
Elemental clan: frog clan
Plant: mums
Mineral: amethyst
Polarity with: beaver
Color: lavender
Musical vibration: B natural
Personality: impulsive, ambitious
Spiritual energy: masculine
Emotions: hidden, keeping things inside
Positive traits: discussing and imaginative
Negative traits: suburb, distrustful, often stubborn
Compatabilities: woodpeckers and wolves
Conscious desire: acceptance
Subconscious desire: spiritual balance
Spiritual path: experts inner intuition
Strengths: creativity, ability to change and sensitive to others
Weakness: egotistical, often aloof and distant


I swear it’s like damn they on point. I am mesmerized by snakes don’t get me wrong. But I’m also terrified of them. I admire their beauty, their overall being. But if I see one I’m hauling ass. The web’s and water are better when they are both present, like the beach or ocean. It’s always a pleasure to get lost on the beach. One of the reasons why I loved living in San Diego. Going to the beach every night or almost every night. Lavender is a smell that I adore, however it’s a cruel irony that I’m allergic to it. Man I have always known that my energy was masculine, it’s too much like right lol. Everything it says is basically true. I swear astrology, the key to the lock.

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