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Native American Birth Totem Animal

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October 23-November 21

Moon: Cold Winds Moon
Season: the frosting time
Wind: west winds
Direction: west
Element: water
Elemental clan: frog clan
Plant: mums
Mineral: amethyst
Polarity with: beaver
Color: lavender
Musical vibration: B natural
Personality: impulsive, ambitious
Spiritual energy: masculine
Emotions: hidden, keeping things inside
Positive traits: discussing and imaginative
Negative traits: suburb, distrustful, often stubborn
Compatabilities: woodpeckers and wolves
Conscious desire: acceptance
Subconscious desire: spiritual balance
Spiritual path: experts inner intuition
Strengths: creativity, ability to change and sensitive to others
Weakness: egotistical, often aloof and distant


I swear it’s like damn they on point. I am mesmerized by snakes don’t get me wrong. But I’m also terrified of them. I admire their beauty, their overall being. But if I see one I’m hauling ass. The web’s and water are better when they are both present, like the beach or ocean. It’s always a pleasure to get lost on the beach. One of the reasons why I loved living in San Diego. Going to the beach every night or almost every night. Lavender is a smell that I adore, however it’s a cruel irony that I’m allergic to it. Man I have always known that my energy was masculine, it’s too much like right lol. Everything it says is basically true. I swear astrology, the key to the lock.

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My Celtic Animal Birth Sign

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October 28-November 24

Animal: owl

Gaelic name: Cailleach-Oidhche

Ruling planet: Pluto

Keywords: wisdom, change, detachment

Gift quality or ability: owl people have a powerful presence and personal magnetism that can both attract and over power sensitive people. They are highly imaginative and passionate. Great at initiation, sensitivity to the other world and Magick.

Birth stone: jasper

Compatibility: harmonious relations with the cat and bear. Well also relate well with the bee, swan, and crane. Difficulties with all other signs.


So I can totally deal with the owl. It makes sense to me. Pluto is my planet in…I guess the regular astrology, not sure if it has a specific name. Though I ought to know it. The keywords are so an owl, something that I need to keep in mind. The abilities are spot on. Haley is a beautiful stone, just never dealt with it myself. I bet you if I look up all my exes and currents Celtic Animal sign I will see that damn near none of them were/are: cat, beat, bee, swan, crane. Lol just my luck.

I have had this piece of information for over a year maybe two, so I have no idea where it came from. hence why the source says unknown. Not being me for copy right infringement lol. Enjoy if you fit this category. Get your mind working.

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