The basics in Magick are needed just like the basics in Kindergarten or Pre-K. You have to know your colors. Why? Because the colors can help you identify which candle t use in a spell, identify messages that may come visually, and just basically make our workings easier and more efficient. So here I will have all the colors and correspondences that I have came over in my (at this time 22 years as of 4/25/12). So this list will be added to over the years

Absence of color
Symbolizes resurrection and eternal life
Planet is Saturn
North is its direction
Water is its element
Color of the Waning Moon
Sacred to the Crone, Demeter, Kali, Osiris
Use for bonding, banishing, mourning, divination, crane Magick, uncrossing, exorcism, in drinking spells, setting limits, restricting someone or something, reaching the deepest levels of meditation, used for hexing, retribution, power over others
Can be used for any other candle as it is all colors combined
Usually associated with clergy and ministerial figures
Wearing black deters others from gossiping about you, meddling in your affairs and interfering in your life
Black is used for separation, wisdom and keeping things hidden from view
Absence of color
Used t sidpel or absorb negativity and to induce meditative sttes
Curses meant to remove excess negativity from magician when the magician has no real intention of targeting a person or situation with their negativity
A cursing agent for bindings
Attract Saturn energy
Color of wisdom, enlightenment, can hel absorb illnesses and mental conflict as well
Absorbed misdirected energies
Necromancy and for Magick to keep or reveal secrets or that ehich is hidden
Fifth element, contains all the elements
Associated with east, Saturn, Saturday, number 6
Swords and wands are ruled by black
The death card, all queens and kings are rules by black
Scents: basil, mryyh vervain, peppermint, yarrow and yew
Herbs and woods: oak, flax, cedar, cloves rue mullein, mandrake, cayenne and dragn’s blood
Stones: onyx, moonstone, pyrite, agate black quartz, jt and obsidian
Daemonic influence: thoth, hecate, Lilith, Lucifer, satan, eurynomous/euronymous, baalberith, babael, bael ,set, Anubis

Sacred to the Grey Goddess and the Gorgons
Use for loneliness, sorrow, neutrality, and neutralizing
I found that I can also use this for destructive purposes as well
Neutrl color can be employed during meditation to overcome diificult situations
Can dispel negatitivy through neutrilizations, or cause opposing forces confusion
Used in water Magick, oon Magick, ascension or astral work, workings for pstience or peasce, and for balancing
Element waterdirection is either north or west depending n preference
Associated with moon and Monday
Numbers are 1 and 6
Tool is the chalice
Scents: jasmine, chamomile, ltus, vervain, sandalwood, ginseng, wormwood and basil
Herbs: cumin, cloves, rosemary, birch and feverfew, even blackthorn
Wood is oak
Stones: onyx, malachite, crystals and moonstones
Tarot includes hanged man and three of all suits
Daemonic influences: leviathan, marbas, orias, sonnillion

The color of the New Moon
Symbolizes life in death
Use for lunar magic, psychic development, money spells, stability, banishing negativity, working with the Mother
Wear to reduce inner turmoil and obtain a peaceful state of mind
Used to represent the goddess
Used to remove negativity and encountering stability
Utilized to dispel negativity and is additionally used to help develop psyhic abilities
Used magically for purification, protection, to learn astrology, for divination, for ascension, or to uncover yur hidden potential
Associated with the element air
Direction is east, moon and Monday and is mutuable
Diination tools are associated are wands
Scents, woods, and herbs are the sme as white
Metal is silver
Tarot card I the moon and the keyword for this is clarity
Daemonic forces: delepitoare, thoth, unsere, ashtaroth

Corresponds to the New Moon
The direction is west
Element of Air
Can be substitutes for one of any color in candle Magick
Can be turned upside to represent a black candle
Sacred to Aphrodite, the Great Goddess, White Goddess
Use for purification, protection, and virtually everything
Helps relieve tension and focus life goals
Use when requiring clarity and spiritual guidance, invoking the Maiden
Contains all clolors
Used for spiritual enlightenment, to cleanse, purify, consecrate
Used in rituals for healing, blocking, protection, and truth seeking
Color of lunar energy
Associated with irginity or purity
Can substitute any candle color
Lunar Magick, divination, spiritual seeking ritual health, truth finding rite, during meditation to bring about peace
Color of the element air
Dierectionis east
Associate with the moon and Monday, and is mutuable
Number is 0
Magicakl tools are divination devices, wands, burnt offering bowls
Scents/oil: sandalwood, lemon, myrrh, anise, sage mint, rosemary or thyme
Herbs: mugwort sage, mint, rosemary, mutard, elder flowers, lilacs, gladiola, ferns, or heather
Woods: birch, elder, almond, ash, cedr, and juniper
Stones: opal, moonstone, rose quartz, and amethyst
Tarot ccard is the fool
Daemonic forces: Iah (the Feminien All), Diana, tezerian

Use it for clarity
Element is Air
Use for purification and spirituality

Saturn and Jupiter
Water is its elements
Sacred to Aphrodite, Mary, rain gods and goddesses, sky goddesses, the Triple Goddess, Yemaja, and Zeus
Symbol of the female
Magnetic principle
Use for peace truth, sleep, serenity, communication, hope organization, tranquility, spirituality, harmony, inner light, guidance, psychic dreams, healing image spells, removing bad vibes, making a safe place, blessing a new home, getting in touch with your inner child
One of the big spiritual colors and the color of healing, wisdom, inner peace, guidance, and truth
Use for water maick, balancing, healing, dream work, meditations, inspiration Magick, friendship Magick, and even Magick fr peace and harmony
Associated with water and north or west
Rules fifth chakra, the throat
Ruld by Neptune and mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Number 3, all the cup cards, the hierophant
Wands and chalices are ruled by blue
Scents: basil, lotus, cedar, camphor, jasmine and clary sage
Herb: aloe, carnations, daffodils, and calamus, baby’s breath
Stones: opals, corals, hematite, sapphire, agate, turquoise, coral, sodalite
Daemonic forces: leviathan, buer

Bright blue
For protection and averting the evil eye
Best for justice spells

Light blue
Use for spirituality, peaces, tranquility, beauty, angel magic, and meditation
For healing and spiritual pursuits
Healing, spiritual color, helpful in devotional r inspiration meditations; brings peace and tranquilty to the home;, radiates aquarius energy; employ where a situation must be synthesized

Dark blue
Symbolizes infinity
Sacred to Anu, the Triple Goddess and Vishnu
Used for justice and fertility
Jupiter and Saturn
Wear when you feel the need to organize and add some structure to your life
Magically it can be to invoke the water elements and feminine deities
Healing, creative pursuits, communication and meditation work

Corresponds to Saturn and Venus
Sacred to Venus
Use for reaching deep meditative states, to stop someone or something dead in its tracks

Royal blue
Jupiter is the planet
Use for loyalty and joviality
Attract Jupiter energy, promote loyalty, or exert influence

Symbolizes royalty
Corresponds to Jupiter
Sacred to Babalu Aye, Maman Brigette, Oya and Yansa
Use for wisdom, prophecy, divination, power, ambition, success, independence, magickal power, astral projection, spiritual contact, psychic work
Magicians or those who wish to deepen their spiritual awareness
Gain respect from others
Good color for job interviews
Use n rituals involving spirituality, mental ability as well as psychic ability, use t invoke Akashic element
Color of power and success, Magick and Magick energy on the aastral plane,
Cn proote manifestations, psychic or oterhwise
Used for meditation, ascension astral travel, and divination of all sorts
Keep something up on the altar for extra spark of energy
Purple will promote seeking demon guides
Use during works of ascension, channeling, spirit communication, divination, justice, protection, breaking bad luck, cleansings, and removing negativity or curse
Purple can be used in place of white
Associate with air and east
Also fire and water
Brow chakra, Jupiter, Thursday, number 7
Tols are wand, thurible, and offering bowl
Scents: sandalwood, jasmine, nutmeg, bay, cedar, and innamon, ginger or lotus
Herbs: wisteria, mugwort, violates, dandelions, oak clover, rue, and eyebright
Woods: lilac and willow
Stones: all oplas, amethyst, sapphires, and beryl, clear quartz crystals
Tarot is justice and four of all suits
Daemonic influences: Mithras, horus, delepitorae, thoth, kali, maat, hecate

Spiritual healing
Magickal workings that require a lot of energy
Symbolizes the astral plan and the Akashic principle
Sacred to Chinese goddesses Tzu-Ku-Suen, the Violet Lady
Use for spirituality, intuition, insight, clarity, gay love spells, gay sex magic

Wine and Maroon
Dark brownish purple
Sacred to the Orishas Maman Brigitte, Oya and Yansa

Symbolizes youth, new life, and vegetation, a fairy color, jester color, symbolizes death-in-life
Sacred color of Islam, earth and Venus
Water is its element
East is its direction
Sacred to Agayu, Allah, Al-Khid (the Green One), Aphrodite, Demeter, The Green Man, Isis (the Green One), vegetation gods, and Green Zeus
Use for growth, harmony, prosperity, success, luck, healing, beauty, fertility, courage, renewal, love, youth, acceptance, money spells, faith, instinct, institution, envy, garden Magick, green witchcraft, fairy magician, finding a job, working with mother nature, making a safe place, working with your inner child
Empowers herbalists and magickal ecologists
Use this color to increase ambition, better accept challenges, and achieve a feeling of independence
Magicakally to deal with growth, fertility, and prosperity, earth element
Financil success, good luck, fertility, rejuventation
In rituals for money, luck, fertility, and earth Magick
Element is earth
Direction is north or west
Planets venus, Jupiter, mars
Days Friday, Wednesday, Thursday respectively
Rules the heart chakra, number 4, wands and bowls, seven in the tarot and the emperoro card
Scents: mint, musk, verain, cinnamon, mugwort, patchouli, sage, vanilla and pine
Herbs: thyme, verbena, basil, cloves, mugwort, coltsfoot and pennyroyal or sage
Woods: oak, pine, elder, birch
Stoens: green tourmaline, emeralds, peridot, jade, malachite, coral
Metals gold and silver
Daemonic influeces: belial, ba’al, belphagore, unsere, earth daemons

Emerald green
Corresponds to Venus
Used for attraction, fertility, and any working that is social in nature

Dark green
Use to counter ambition, greed and jealousy
Counteract jealousy, greed, ambition shtat seeks to cause you harm

Sacred to olokun, Afro-Caribbean God of the unconscious and the ocean depths
Use for sea spells

An angelic color
Sacred to Aphrodite and Venus
Use for happiness, youth, beauty, romance, friendship, service, fidelity, love spells, angel Magick, female energy, attracting new love, drawing affection and all emotional workings
Brings out self love and helps you be your own best friend
Use spell work dealing in romantic love, friendship and harmony
Color of romance, love and friendship
Rituals to draw affection and for feminine ystique
Color of honour and service
Creative pursuits, marriage, attraction, friendship, beauty, compassion, and relationships
Kinder, gentler color than red
Element fire
Southern direction
Heafrt chakra, venus, Friday, numbers 0 and 1
Tools are wands, thuribles, and offering bowls
Scents: rose, apricot, strawberry, lavender, ginger, sandalwood, jasmine
Herbs: violets, feverfew, pennyroyal, coriander, basil, yarrow, ginseng, allspice
Woods: sycamore, olive and orange
Stones: rose quartz, pink garnets, emerald, peridot, or any pink stoens
7 of all suits
Daemonc influences: rsier, ashtraroth, Astarte, amun ra, hathor, isis, venus, asafoetida

For youth and spells

Symbolizes wisdom to the Aztecs, the other world to the Celts, fire and rage to the Egyptians, and sacrificed blood to the Hebrews
Corresponds to the South
The element fire
The full moon, and mars the red planet
Aries and Scorpio are its astrological houses
Symbolizes the male electric principle
Sacred to Adamu, Ares, Chango, Isis, Mars, the greet goddess, Set (the red god)
Some consider red hair a witches mark
Use red for lust, passion, romance, will power, exorcism, healing, strength, health, courage, vitality, mercy, anger, brazenness, power, protection, energy, magnetism, female power, sex Magick, finding love, keeping love, organic healing, and sexual energy
Wear to combat evil
Wear when you want to take charge of a difficult situation
Use magically in activity, passion, sexual desire, vitality, strength and energy, invoke the fire element or the mother
Used in sex Magick or for energy work, physical strength, victory, or passion
Aggressive color, used effectively in cursing bcause it is the color of anger, war, aggression and strength
High energy color
Transformation rituals
Combine with black, you can temper the errtic effect f this color
Fire and south
Root chakra and mars, Tuesday, and number 5
Tools are candles, thuribles, offering bowls, swords
Cents: dragon’s blood, musk, mullein and cinnamon
Herbs: onion, rose, garlic, hops, pppers, chives, wormwood, tobacco and yew
Woods: cheerry or redwood
Stoens: tiger’s eye, agate, diamond, ruby, garnet, quartz crystal, bloodstone
Tarot includes the magician, the entire suit of cups and five of all suits
Daemonic forces: flereous, amducius, mars, thor, atem, satan, kali, tezrain, sonnillion, Lilith, or satanchia

Sacred to Aphrodite

Corresponds to the planet earth
Element earth
Sacred to the earth god’s ad goddess and corn mothers as well as the Orishas
Use for grounding, balance, level-headedness, decisiveness, telepathy, earth energy, material increase, earth Magick, finding lost items, working with animals
Worn by those attune with animals of cast spells for them
Use for grounding and centering, try it for spells involving common sense, bringing stability to life or diffusing a harmful situation
Material gain, jutice, retribution, clarity, and concentration
Find lost things, and to learn new skliss( increases concentration )
Anything requiring concentration and a steady mind
Workings reserved for creative ursutis, business, leagal issues, career
Fire or air, east and south
Earthy so north or west as well
Spleen chakra, number 2, mercury/mars, Tuesday for the physical , Wednesday fr the mental Sunday for both
Eights in the tarot
Tools are wands and censers
Scents: jasmine, dill or honeysuckle
Herbs: vervain, valerian, rue, gardenia, flax, bucjwheat and ferns
Wood: lemon, lime or orange
Stones: quartz, carnelian, moss agate
Daemonic influences: satan, atem, ronove, bast, kali, Lilith, unsere, blial, belphagore

Corresponds to the sun
Center is its direction
Symbolizes the creative, feminine power
A jester color
Symbolizes bile
Sacred to all sun gods, Orunmila, Oshashi, Oshun, Shakti
Use for attraction, centering, power, happiness, confidence, jealousy, joy, creativity, divination, unity, a new hope, personal charm, solar Magick, astral protection, power of concentration, power of persuasion, finding your center, making a safe space, activate any magical working
Excellent for those involved with divination
If you feel your needs and opinions fall on def ears, use in rituals involving communication, creative endeavors, success and joy
Use to invoke air ad god
Color of knowledge, can enhance communication to help with clairyovoyance, repel negativity
Mental color
Use it in workings for creativity, learning, astrl projections, clairyvoyance, knowledge, understanding, and concentration
Element of air direction of east
Solar plexus chakra
Sun and Sunday for mental, Wednesday for the physical
Numbers 3 and 2
Wands, swords and tarot cards the sun, knight and all sixes

Saffron yellow
Sacred to the Egyptian sun god Amon

Corresponds to the sun
Fire is its element
Good energy
Sacred to Oshun and all sun gods
Use for attraction, solar Magick, money spells, influencing cosmic forces and astral planes
Wear gold to make you feel prosperous and secure some use a gold candle to represent the god
Ritul to promote understanding, wrkings to enhacn energy, power, vitality, and to bring successand luck or in ritual needing solar energy
Numbers 3 and 2
Wands and swords
Tarot cards the sun , knights, and all sixes

Fire is its elements
Use for success, energy, creativity, travel, strength, balance, communication, intellectual pursuits, attracting love or romance
This color eases the blahs and increase personal motivation
Use in attraction rituals and in efforts that involve achieving positive results on academic tests, business projects and proposals

Sacred to Native American goddess Copper Woman
Use in money spells

All pastels colors corresponds to the element of Air

Pale blue
Wear when confused, need to clear your mind or feel out of control
Use for magickal workings involving calmness, peace, tranquility, healing, and pleasant dreams

Wear to relax, especially in high stress situations, use in magickal workings involving the intellect, soothe erratic energy, and cause inner beauty to radiate

Will gain confidence form those around you, also works in efforts that deal with intuition, self-trust and self-confidence

Others will view you as being non-threatening in their lives; magickal efforts include kindness, gentleness, sympathy, empathy and well-being

Balances the human nature with spiritual self
Use for workings dealings getting a handle on practical matters, making decisions and achieving balance or achieving trust

Color for workaholics, it helps you to step back and get things in perspective, use in rituals involving stress relief, study knowledge, retention and finding logic

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