Self-Dedication and Self-Initiation

Self-Dedication and Self-Initiation

Both of these are done everyday.

When one finds the path, culture, deity or what have you they will dedicate themselves to it. They learn all they can in the hopes that they will evolve, grow and reach that plateau that they have been looking for. Dedicating to a deity/path/et cetera does not mean you have to become an initiate in that structure you choose. Dedication means that what you have chosen well improve your overall being, and show in everything you do. I self dedicated to Satan like all (almost all) Satanists do, to my path as a Witch and as a Vamprye. To me it’s not necessary to proclaim any damn thing, but it does help me in my trials and tribulations of my chosen path.

Now this isn’t tricky. For me at least it isn’t. I can’t speak for the rest of you guys. But, how do you think most of these new traditions got started. Someone who doesn’t want to be apart of these jackass, fluffy, egotistical, creepy, or to organized, respected groups and just want to do what they feel is better for them or there calling. How? By gathering resources, doing their own writings and rituals, following the deities they believe are with their particular path. They can register with the ULC for a Revendship, brother ship or somethingship. Hell I did. Not shame of it either. I am legal with the state so I could care less what people think or say you know. Pick a title and go at, than build and write their own initiation for their members, hierarchy and such. For those that do, I commend you. It takes time, research, plenty of resources, legal leg work and commitment to do so. Whether the group is productive or not. Another way I think is, if someone joins a wiccan or another group, goes through the ranks and then either stays or bounce and do their own thing. Third way is to have an occultist bestow the title on you and there you go.

The reason why I wrote a little on this, is because there are tons of Satanic HP/S yet no initiation rituals that I know about. The main one I have seen have been Wiccan. I did come across a few Vamp ones, Dark Ones, and Satanic; but overwhelming the Wiccans got this plastered all over the place. Well at least online and in print anyway. Are there plenty more in the community, probably a hell of a lot, are they available for every ShadowWolf, MoonStone and Larry, probably not.

Now when it comes to self-initiation, I believe it can be down if your tradition is yours only. An example, you cannot self initiate into the Gardner or Alexandrian Traditions because they have a basic structure that must be followed, and a group you must be a part of.

Self-dedication and Self-initiation are possible, will always be done and always questioned by those who think everything must be done under a Grand Bastard Idiot, or an Adept with three years of information. Not true. I have not been under anyone, and I prefer it that way. I have no problem if someone advises me or shows my things but that whole “I will teach you the right way grasshoppa” is not for me.

And as always:


I look forward to everyone else’s take on self-dedication and self-initiation.

~Rev Keona

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