Journey to the Darkness

Journey to the Darkness


I am on the journey to be a new person

A Vampyre like only a few

A child of Lilith

The process has started

My Sanguine needs are driving me nuts

I can smell blood even better than before

I can feel mine move through my veins

I have a deafening madness that comes over me

I have been chosen to be with her

To join my sisters

To unite and get business done

Our time is now

The pain is unbearable

Tears one moment

Dancing the next

Am I going mad?!

Am I strong enough to handle the upcoming weeks of sheer, unbridled torture?

Yes I am

If I wasn’t I would not have handle been selected

She guides me through it

Helping me break down the barriers

Unleashing the soul

Being one with her

We heard the call

We made the moves to answer

And this is our reward

We are Noveatu…Children of Lilith

The selected to help our brethren be…

To lead…to fight…to destroy

I am welcomed

I am honored

I am her


(c) Rev Keona

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