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Lilith Dark Feminine Archetype by Temple of Ascending Flame

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I have been looking forward to this book since it was announced. Lilith is, after all my Spiritual Mother. I also contributed to this work, which is on page 17 (shameless plug). I just finished reading it this morning and I loved it all. I will actually go through the rituals during my sign of Scorpio. What better way to work with Lilith then during the time of Scorpio.

So let’s jump right in. This book comes in hardcover and paper book, 162 pages, with the rest being a list of books available which I always love when authors include them. There are 19 essays, rituals, poems, experiences, and guided meditations in this book. They are very wonderful in just reading, Plus you get to get a feel of each practitioner and how they related to the goddess, feel their experience and then try their rituals out for yourself. I will only point out a few of the rituals.

Fire and Lust by Asenath Mason and Rev Bill Duvendack brings you into the world of Lilith and her consort, one of many, Asmodeus (who is my spiritual Father so I was really excited when I was reading this). The invocation of these two will have your creative juices really rolling when you engage in this ritual. It can be done alone or with a partner, and the energy that is amassed and utilized in a productive manner will bring a lot of fruition to those performing it.

The Vase of Lilith by Nemo V, is a ritual that brings or pulls in the energy of Lilith with each offering giving. I actually decided to try a small version of it today. It worked out perfectly!

Invocation of Lilith bu Katie Anderson is a beautiful ritual to connect to that fire deep within, and Lilith helps you to release it. This ritual was very beautiful and so is the picture that she created as well.

Black Moon Lilith by Mike King is an invocation in becoming one with the Goddess and having her show you exactly what is needed to help you grow. When she joins with you, you will never be able to look at the world again in the same light, and that is worth it in itself.

There are a quite a few more rites, rituals both 7 and 5 days, and path workings, and even more with essays of deep knowledge about Lilith, and her mysterious origins. Reading the poems and the experiences that these practitioners have had with Lilith and how they communicate with her, is a feeling that I cannot put into words.

I already do my own workings with Mother, but I can’t wait to give the rituals and path workings in this book a run through. I schedule my workings and so I have enough time to get the materials and can actually have time for them. So this I will be looking forward to towards the Veil becoming thinner.

5 out of 5 as this is a complete grimoire of workings that will keep you busy for a few.

Journey to the Darkness

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Journey to the Darkness


I am on the journey to be a new person

A Vampyre like only a few

A child of Lilith

The process has started

My Sanguine needs are driving me nuts

I can smell blood even better than before

I can feel mine move through my veins

I have a deafening madness that comes over me

I have been chosen to be with her

To join my sisters

To unite and get business done

Our time is now

The pain is unbearable

Tears one moment

Dancing the next

Am I going mad?!

Am I strong enough to handle the upcoming weeks of sheer, unbridled torture?

Yes I am

If I wasn’t I would not have handle been selected

She guides me through it

Helping me break down the barriers

Unleashing the soul

Being one with her

We heard the call

We made the moves to answer

And this is our reward

We are Noveatu…Children of Lilith

The selected to help our brethren be…

To lead…to fight…to destroy

I am welcomed

I am honored

I am her


(c) Rev Keona

Invoking Your True self

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I am invoking my true self
(insert moniker here)
I call for you to take root
I call for you
The Darkness of all beings
The Alpha and Omega
The Creature of the source
I (moniker here)
Is who I am meant to be
We are one, we are one
I relinquish my control and offer it fully to you
Come and bring forth your power
Come darkness and bring forth your rule

(The next section is my own personal chant and it isn’t in English, or a known language)


awaken your inner fire

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