Stop trying to drown Samhain

Y’all think y’all are slick don’t y’all.

What goes on in the month of Ocotber

Breast Cancer

Pitt Bull Awareness

Domestic Abuse Awareness


and some more shit I forget.

Breast cancer and all cancer should not be for a certain month. That shit needs to be year round. They only focus on a month near the holidays so people who don’t really give a fuck can by something orange, pink, purple or green and feel like they did something. Fuck that. Cancer runs in my family so fuck that once a month bull shit. I do not support wearing anything to support the cause because I support the causes. How the fuck is selling 2000 pink hairdryers going to help cure cancer. It isn’t. Your dumb ass just brought something you didn’t need, while the company made more money, and donated like $1000 bucks of the $1 million they go it. Oh my bad, the $10,000. Please do you know how much the scientist need to make. They are making upwards of 6 figures. how much money as been raised for breast cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer…yet the only thing they have done was make your dick get hard when you need it. Fuck out of here with that bull shit.

People get their asses beat everyday. Like we really need to have a month towards the end of the year to bring awareness. Guess what, we know it exists. How about making laws that protects the women, men and children on the receiving end of a beat down…instead of not doing a fucking thing. How about a one strike out deal. You beat someone your ass is gone for life. They don’t deserve chances period.

UNICEF. Its Halloween I am giving out candy not money, fuck out of here. Trying to get those damn kids robbed. Just dumb as hell.

Anything else that tries to stamp out a Holiday, because you have fucking retards that have their panties in a bunch, go jump in a lake and drown very slowly. You religious zealots need to get a life.  If Halloween goes…get rid of Christmas. It is our fucking holiday any way you fucking thieves. Always have to ruin shit for other people because your life is meaningless.

I want off this planet. Where the hell are the aliens, they have to come pick my ass the fuck back up. I am done 🙂

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