Working through the books

Ok so I am getting through a lot of books which I live because I can take notes and set them aside, and in a pile for path workings and whatnot.

A lot of these I need to write down and mark them so I can perform them on the days that they are the most compatible with.

I’m halfway through Abraxas and I must say I am liking what I am reading. Granted I can knock out some of the Angels that I just can not and will not work with and go about my business. It’s easy to substitute when Angelic being for another as long as the purpose is right. Too bad most Satanists don’t know how to work with Angels. They here Angels and think Christian. Well your wrong on that. Just like not every daemon is your friend. But I digress. I am loving the book and the spells and it is deep.

Can’t wait to finish it and start the workings on the next few months.

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