What’s all written?

Four book reviews, and I think 11 more to write up. I want to have all the books I have left that are a physical copy to be reviewed by the end of the month. Then after that I can move on to my kindle books and that should take up the year. Seriously I can write two reviews a day and still have some left over. But I will be monitored by what I post and how often.

With my personal blog, a business blog, a group blog, a month newsletter, weekly reports…I’m pretty damn good on writing subjects. Though I have certain focused on each one. It’s a lot, but it will keep me busy. Otherwise I will feel useless and wander the city in a daze.

So I’m going to continue I just needed a break with all the reads. I have two more physical workbooks to read, but they won’t be read by the end of the month. I’m going to finish this book on my kindle tomorrow, write up the review, post another review and being out the first of the two workbooks and read another chapter or two of Metu Neter. Note the book is amazing.

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