New Year, New Me Bullshit

We all seen the Facebook memes. People acting like they are going to flip the switch and act brand new. They will for the first two weeks. Then they will be back to their ignorant selves causing drama for the New Year.

I am not changing shit for the New Year. I am not trying to do something just because it’s January 1st. Because the fiscal year starts anew on October and that is what businesses, your IRA, and other money making accounts go by. If your any type of pagan, we had our New Year already. We shed the negative and started a new. The rest of y’all just late.

Wednesday is just another day. There is going to be no enlightenment that hits people. There are no miracles happening. And you can’t wild out on Tuesday, and act holier than thou on Wednesday. Y’all better stop lying and be real to yourself. Last year was to learn and grow. This year is to reflect and do better. That is all it will ever mean.

You was a hoe Tuesday night, you still woke up a hoe Wednesday morning. Just because your sans dick or coochie, because dude left in the morning, doesn’t change the fact you will go right back out and do the same shit.

Don’t smoke 12 blunts Tuesday and then think you are going to be good to look for a job. Your ass got a few weeks to get that shit out your system; leaving you high (no pun intended) and dry.

Get it? Don’t overdo and then stop. It doesn’t work that way people. So stop with the New Year, New Me Bullshit. Reflect, and learn.

Besides half y’all won’t even stick to your resolution, get frustrated and there you go. Back where you were mad at yourself.

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