First post of the Month

Well I hope everyone is staying warm if you are on the East Coast like me with the Blizzard about to tear us up.

I have more book reviews and other articles coming up, but I will not be posting everyday. More like once a week or at least 3-4 times a month. But I will keep you abreast of all my good things going on. For starters:

1. I am on doing the 2014 Book Challenge. I have 20 books that I want to get through, and even though that sounds small for the year, they aren’t exactly small books. A couple are recreational books and the rest are grimories and occult reading books. So it will be a good thing. First ones I am working on are Sabbatica,  Metu Neter and the Discovery of Witches. Reviews of those will be up after I read them.

2. I am beginning my Elemental Balance Saturday and that is about 8 months long. I have the days I am going to do perform them on in accordance to the elemental planet and days, so it is exciting. I am leaving out the hours of the planets for now as I am not that good with that yet. But hey there is always next year right?

3. My Divinatory Ascension Gate openings are starting on the 20th, and I have around 3-5 days within the Zodiac Gate to give me the rest of that time to prep, relax, meditate and reflect. It is slated for one year working.

4. My Goetia Working is well under way. I am working on the second King, Gaap, and I will be doing meditation and other workings with him and that will be ongoing for another two years minimum.

5. My Priestess training is always ongoing and will be for a few months.

6. My Daemonlatry self initiation working will be a good 2-3 years at best. I am enjoying taking my time and learning different methods.

7. My Necromantic working will be put off until the summer. I have some more ideas that I need to clear up. I have a few things that I will be reorganizing and writing so that will be an undertaking. I added a few more steps from various books that I have so I am looking forward to incorporate it into my works.

Everything else is in the research phase, and other workings I have slated won’t be done for at least a year. There are 6 workings I am going to do but I will have time to add to them and refine them to my specific needs. So that is about all for now 🙂

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