Why so quiet?

Well I started college a week ago, and prior to that getting everything situated was like fucking hell and back and shit. But that was finally worked out and I am in my classes and rolling along, loving the courses and the professors. I still have a few months left on m Pharm tech classes before I get my certification so that is still going.

The spiritual side I have had a few exciting advancements in study but they won’t really be talked about for another 2-3 years. It takes time and writing everything up is such a pain but worth it. I like to try different methods and get the first couple of years of practice and study out of the way before I perfect it.

I do have a few book reviews that will be up this weekend. Luckily I am not behind since I said I would only post roughly two a month. I will be updating the pathworkings that I am doing, and my page so that everything is in sync. Other than that I am doing fine. Relaxing, I have my workings planned throughout this year and I am just taking my time. It feels good to have my rituals and what not planned out instead of breaking my neck to try to get it in when I should have been paying attention. It makes everything so much easier.

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