I am tired as hell…

…but I am loving what I am doing. This thirty day challenge is going to fucking kill me lol. Only because I have overdone it and burnt myself out and had to take a very long break. But what it is, but to do it and get your witch on.

I choose to do something I have never done before, but have been drawn to it my whole life this time, and that is work with Angels. I know some people are like but you are a Satanist! You hate Angels, they are Christian. Well you are wrong. Angels and Daemons do not belong to any faith at all. If you think that all Daemons are nice because they are Daemons, than you are an idiot. And if you think all Angels are Christian you would be wrong as well. There are quite a few that are neutral and will be around a person on the LHP quicker than a RHP person. Don’t let your narrowness delude you. Do your research. Realize that before the Abrahamic faith, these Messengers have always existed.  Only with the invention of this Patriarch dominated religion, have they tried to take over our faith and corrupt it and make it feel wrong. No if you have worked with Angels, than you know those fuckers are not fluffy and all smiles. They will hem your ass up in a heartbeat, and think nothing of it. Now not all of them will like us, just as not all Daemons will work with us. So this working is something that I am enjoying. It is also making me take a closer look into Gnosticism to understand them, and the hatred that the Abrahamic faith have against them. Most likely its because Gnosticism is the truth while the other is full of regurgitated stories with so many “translated truths” that they can’t even remember it anymore.  Don’t get it twisted, I am still a Thiestic Satansit. I am just  more well rounded one. After all, everything that is one this planet is meant for me to know, understand and work with right? Well there you go. But if you don’t see it that way, well I don’t care because you don’t pay any of my bills 🙂 I will always respect people as long as they stop trying to preach to me lol.

Now on to what I have in the works. I have recently moved to a bigger place, and me and my husband are almost finished unpacking and the like. So that is exhausting in itself. I have a larger area for my altars, and I am setting them up in their areas. I am excited too 🙂

I have a few workings that have moved up: Draconian, Hecate, Enochian, Necromancy, Khemeticism, Angelic, and Chakra/Tantra. Those I am looking forward to. it will be a busy year I tell you. I am still working on my elemental balancing and my divination ascension gate works. They are amazing and putting their foot all up my ass LOL!!!!

Other than that, it is pretty much normal days. 🙂

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